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Artist exhibit: transdisciplinary artist Alexandra Cantle

Transdisciplinary artist Alexandra Cantle in the studio of Amanda Katz creating original art for her Lamp Project video exhibit.

Why would a dyslexic artist choose written language as a central feature of her work? Read about how Alexandra Cantle’s art practice is a vehicle for education and activism, combining diverse visual strategies to address the experience of dyslexia in our text-based culture. And for a little extra inspiration, check out our video exhibit featuring the artist at work.

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arts | arts education | causes | disease | poetry | visual arts

Fighting dyslexia with art: Alexandra Cantle and Headstrong Nation

Transdisciplinary artist Alexandra Cantle in the studio of Amanda Katz during her Lamp Project interview about dyslexia and Headstrong Nation.

Transdiscipinary artist Alexandra Cantle is dyslexic. Not only has she come to terms with her difficulty in assembling written language, but she has drawn on it to turn it into art. She wields her creative abilities in support of Headstrong Nation and their efforts to ease the debilitating effects of dyslexia for millions.

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Keeping Music in Schools: Education Through Music-Los Angeles

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The reduction of fine arts programs in public schools sends the message that the acquisition of creativity and mastery of the abstract aren’t imperative for the proper growth and development of our students. Education Through Music-Los Angeles knows otherwise. In 2006 they began partnering with inner-city Los Angeles elementary and middle schools to bring quality music education to over 800 students without it. ETM-LA now serves more than 5,500 students pursuing its mission to secure music in education by providing disadvantaged students with qualified, well-trained music teachers.

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Unique Voices, Shared Visions: Meena Nanji and GlobalGirl Media


In the U.S., women and minorities continue to be vastly underrepresented in the media. The mission of GlobalGirl Media is to put tools of the journalistic trade into the hands of young women around the world. Co-founder Meena Nanji’s work is unified by her ethical and intellectual commitments as well as her artistic vision, whether mentoring young women in journalism across the U.S. with GlobalGirl or making a documentary featuring the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, “I think my works are pieces of a larger, coherent ethical project.”

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A musician’s dream: Malcolm Cross and The Possibility Project

Rehearsal for The Possibility Project's "Stop Requested". Photo: Agnes May Photography.

Teens who join The Possibility Project spend a year working with the organization, creating and producing their own musical. As you might imagine, the magic of this organization is in results that go way beyond the birth of a new work of theater. Here’s our interview with professional composer Malcolm Cross and teenage foster child AJ Patterson.

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